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The NMC Campus is a virtual laboratory available to NMC member institutions and their faculty. Located in the virtual world of Second Life, it has been carefully constructed to provide researchers and students dozens of prebuilt settings for experiments in social interaction in 3-D space. These settings are expressly designed to encourage explorations along dimensions such as formal and informal; traditional and nontraditional; real and surreal; serious and playlike; and other continua as may be defined.

The campus has dozens of settings for these interactions, from the serious to the fanciful, each designed to support an optimal group size, from 2 to more than 75. NMC Campus supports a wide variety of traditional support media, including:
  • Posters
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Photographs
  • Charts/graphs
  • Videos
  • Live web pages

Also available, however, is the complete Second Life toolset of sophisticated building tools and the LSL scripting language, with which all of the NMC Campus and Second Life has been created. These allow the creation of virtually any simulated situation, process, or environment, and the incorporation of sophisticated interactivity. A special “Sandbox” has been provided to allow users a space to experiment with these tools, or to “rez” (create an instance of) any objects in a user’s inventory.

To learn more see the NMC Campus Observer and the NMC Virtual Worlds web sites.

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