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NMC Campus Code of Conduct

The central purpose of the NMC Campus is to provide a space for insightful interaction, collaboration, learning, and experimentation. Our overall goal is to encourage the exploration of the potential of virtual environments.

The NMC Campus in Second Life is a place intended to both inspire creative ideas and stimulate thoughtful discourse related to the potential of such spaces. It has been designed to be playful, yet serious at the same time.

All visitors to the NMC Campus are asked to adhere to these two rules of conduct:

  1. NMC Campus is a "G-rated" safe area intended for people not familiar with virtual worlds to quickly become comfortable with these environments. The rules and standards for appropriate conduct, language, and behavior for NMC Campus are the same as one would expect to find in a model 21st century workplace.
  2. We encourage visitors to explore the island, and as they do so, to respect the many hours of work that went into conceptualizing, designing, and building it. As such, visitors are asked to limit all building and rezzing activity to the Sandbox, which has been created expressly for that purpose. All structures, furniture, artworks, sculptures, plants, and other elements found on the main level and the Boardroom are not to be edited or modified in any way. You may build or create (rez) any (g-rated) thing you like in the Sandbox, but please practice good Sandbox etiquette and return your creations to your inventory before you leave.

Help us keep this sim a place where students and faculty at universities around the world can easily explore the potential of 3-D environments for dialog, discourse, knowledge sharing, and learning.

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